NaPoWriMo – Day 20

He’s a kid
in an adult’s world
trying to get along
with all the pretend
boys and girls.
He wants to understand
and he worries,
he wants to play
their games
but with supervision
he’s not allowed
and they’re free to roam
a virtual world
of bullies and bullets
that he has no access too.
Trying to explain it
is a losing game
when all the other
pretend boys and girls
can fight and die
in digital wars
play criminal and soldier.
He’s a kid
navigating a pretend world
stuck with cartoons and cars
and an imagination
that will take him so far
if he can just hold on
a little longer
to grow up.


NaPoWriMo – Day 19

I Steal Pieces Of Your Soul To Survive

I creep and crawl
into your soul
break and borrow
the pieces I need
to patch up my own
bleeding heart
to patch up my own
broken mind.
It’s all I have
and I always return
what I have used
what I have needed
and in tact, whole.
It’s only for a while
sometimes only
for a single night
as we’re wrapped
around each other
I am often wrapped
around your heart.
I would apologise
but for desperation
if not for these bits
of hearts and minds
I would fall apart
become a shattered soul
on the grey slate floor.


NaPoWriMo – Day 18


There is a sadness this evening
to my existence
that isn’t quite my own
but not something I can deny
or unravel into pieces
I can put together in order
to calm my soul.

There is a sadness this evening
that will not shift
and I am under it’s spell
it pulls at my poetry
and leaves only these words
to offer you.


NaPoWriMo – Day 17

The Tower

I build up and up
into the clouds
and settle in the sky
for some sleep
hidden in white
surrounded by blue
it’s better up here
than down in the grey
of the cities I left.

I build up and up
to into silence
and clean air
breathe deep
watch birds fly by
though few come
up this high
still a better view
than the cities I left.

I build up and up
too far some say
but I cannot hear
from my tower
the world exists
without me
and I exist
without the world
and the cities I left.


NaPoWriMo – Day 16

Some Sort Of Denial

I’ve walked the streets
you grew up on
small, grey and tucked away
dirty, dangerous
while mine weren’t the same
my father wasn’t much better
but you’ve forgotten all those
cramped little rooms
stealing money out of the tv
and food from school.
You’ve come so far
and lied even further
you’re no teacher and
no perfect mother.
No wonder we hardly get
with one another.
Shame, we grew up together
you lived with my mother
when yours was no good
I may not remember
but I do have the pictures.
You will deny them
and I will love them.
Even if we don’t talk about.
Even if we don’t talk.
Nice to see you anyway.


NaPoWriMo – Day 15


Do not doubt
the sun or the moon
they are eternal
in one form or another.

Do not doubt
that the earth is round
the grass grows
the trees tall.

Do not doubt
the blood in
your veins
and your heart.

Do not doubt
my soul is pure
do not doubt
my love for you.


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NaPoWriMo – Day 14


The coast is that point
between a river of lies
and a brutally honest sea.
To live on that edge can be
a dangerous preoccupation,
a terrible distraction.

It takes a serious heart
to traverse it all successfully
most fail spectacularly,
fall victim to speculation
losing interest in the world,
the facts and the reality.


Day 14, Poem 14

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NaPoWriMo – Day 12

The King

I am but a king
standing on the edge
of downfall
and the right of night.
Curled up in sleep
I wait for ends
starts and saves.
Something in which
I can pass the time,
sometime in which
I can rule before
I am taken away
be deceit or doubt
whichever comes first.
I am but a king
defying my own role
and my own right
to be king not queen.
Prince not Princess
Knight not Damsel.
Whatever comes to pass
I know who I am
and what I rule
even if it’s a short reign.


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NaPoWriMo – Day 11

What Beckons and What Comes

Some days
there is indifference
to the dealings of the soul.
The ins and out of karma
the morality of imagination.

We’re holding onto the thin line
between good and bad
right or wrong
making decisions
without attention.

Eventually we’ll fall or fly
into the future
holding onto whatever is left
of our conscience
hoping we made the right choice.


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